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"The Patio"

The concession stand is one of the primary sources of revenue for McLean County PONY Baseball.  Parents who choose to work concessions rather than buy-out are assigned to work two 2 ½ hour shifts during the summer.   The assigned shift will typically align with a scheduled game for your player.
Options exist for families who cannot work their assigned shift:

  1. You may trade with another family.  Please note that you are the “family of record” and could be assessed a buy-out fee if the family you traded with does not show up to work the shift.
  2. See the Qualified PONY Concession Stand Workers for how to hire a young adult to work your shift.  DO NOT hire someone to cover a shift or expect a child to work in place of a parent unless they are on the list of Qualified PONY Concession Stand Workers.

Failure to show up for an assigned shift will result in a bill being sent for $40 to buy-out of that shift.